Control NPC generation using MC Command Center

from: TheSimsTree

There are several ways to control the appearance of your NPCs. We want to show you how to teach your game to generate attractive sims using just the MC Command Center, which we’re sure most of you use. 

So, the essence of the method is that we set the path for the game to find future NPCs. Let’s break it down step-by-step. 

1. Open our favorite game and load your save. 

If you play with multiple saves, you’ll need to set up the MC Command Center for each save individually. 

2. Click on any computer in your sims' house and launch the MC Command Center. 

3. Go to the MC Population section. Using the screenshots below, navigate to the Import tray sims percent section. 


4. Set the probability to the maximum so that the game generates sims only from your Library. 


5. Next go to the Restrict sim import by tags section. Select the option Only households with the tags. 


6. Now, go to your Library and add this tag to the description of the households and characters you want to appear in your game as NPCs. 

Make sure to have as many of these characters as possible. To avoid waiting for waiters in restaurants and clerks in stores, and to prevent the city from being overrun by identical clones, aim for around 100 tagged sims. They don't significantly burden your save file. 

Finding these characters isn't too difficult. You can look through the profiles of your favorite creators or simply use the Gallery. We also plan to publish an article later with a curated list of beautiful and well-crafted NPCs :) 

If you download NPCs from the Gallery, save them again through CAS so you can edit their descriptions and add the tag. 

7. For convenience, we'll adjust a few more settings in MC Command Center. Enable gender and clothing options to prevent the game from giving NPCs unattractive outfits. Also, enable the appearance import override, so your sims will look exactly as they were saved in the Library. 


8. Finally, to ensure everything works correctly, disable NPC aging in the game settings. This way, the game won't start generating new NPCs at lightning speed. 



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