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5 unusual business ideas for The Sims

The Sims is not only about in-game interactions between characters, relationship dramas and raising children. A significant part of the enjoyment from the game comes from achieving success in careers with your sims, especially in business, as it's always unpredictable and engaging. If you've already achieved everything in the basic careers and business, here are some ideas for you.

Inspiration | 7882 | 14.04.2024

How to remove plumbobs and other overhead effects in The Sims 4?

Do you love taking screenshots of your Sims, but find the constantly appearing plumbobs annoying? Or perhaps you're recording gameplay videos, and the intrusive plumbob doesn't fit the aesthetic? We have a solution for you, and not just one!

The Sims tips | 7980 | 11.04.2024

The Sims: Your well-developed OC

Brainstorming characters or simply your OCs is always interesting. Even if you've already thought everything through and envisioned it in detail, working on the character in writing can be very beneficial at times. This is how puzzles come together into a cohesive picture, and your character truly comes to life! And now I want to share some points that could help you in creating or refining your main character.

Inspiration | 8785 | 08.04.2024

What The Sims challenge are you participating in?

It seems like nobody loves challenges as much as simmers do. The Sims offers vast possibilities, sometimes it's hard to decide which scenario to play out. We've gathered for you several grand, well-thought-out challenges that will keep you engaged for many generations.

Inspiration | 8078 | 04.04.2024

The Sims 4: How to pose in CAS

If you're tired of characters endlessly spinning in CAS, vampires and mermaids going crazy and showing their essence by hissing or blowing bubbles, or if you simply want to diversify the visual experience in CAS or shoot popular character lookbooks, then welcome to our guide.

The Sims tips | 7217 | 02.04.2024

Storylines for your Sims game (part 2)

Some prefer to base the plot on what the game itself suggests, while others enjoy planning every detail in advance. If the game hasn't offered anything interesting, the text below is for you.

Inspiration | 5390 | 31.03.2024

Graphics settings in The Sims 4

Not all players are satisfied with the graphics of The Sims 4. Problems with shadows, lighting... This article will explain how to improve the visuals and get more enjoyment from the game.

The Sims tips | 6013 | 26.03.2024

Indoor lighting in The Sims 4

This article is dedicated to one of the most mysterious bugs - indoor lighting during sunrise/sunset in The Sims 4. The room should be filled with sunlight rays, but it remains dark with cold blue tones... Can this be fixed?

The Sims tips | 5341 | 23.03.2024

Error 0xc0000005 when launching The Sims 4. How to fix?

Error 0xc0000005 indicates difficulties with accessing a resource, most commonly a part of memory. Simmers often encounter this issue. Let's figure out the possible causes and how to resolve it.

The Sims tips | 5530 | 20.03.2024

Storylines for your Sims game

Often, if you've played out all the storylines planned for your family, the game can hit a dead end. You can search for an interesting challenge, draw inspiration from books or TV shows, or try to find new twists in your sims' lives using the ideas from this article.

Inspiration | 5803 | 18.03.2024

Fix the clothing bug in the shower and pool in The Sims 4

Do your Sims go to the shower, pool and bath fully clothed? There can be many reasons for this issue: CC clothing/accessories and default underwear. In this article, we will discuss how to solve it.

The Sims tips | 5390 | 12.03.2024

How to save the memory of all generations of The Sims family

From generation to generation your sims come and go, each with their own problems, relationships, hobbies, jobs, adventures and stories. Without notes (a channel with a family history/tree/screenshot saves), it's impossible to remember all your characters. I want to share with you some ideas, tips or just inspiration on how to preserve memorable moments of your sims families.

Inspiration | 6475 | 09.03.2024

How to create unique sims characters and where to find inspiration

Creating characters is one of the most diverse features of gameplay in The Sims 4. When you first launch the game, creating your sim is literally the first thing the game offers you! That's why many people wonder: "How do I create interesting, unusual, diverse characters that I'll really want to play as?" After all, the main character(s) is the first reason why we enjoy the process so much, or not!

Inspiration | 5971 | 06.03.2024

The Sims mod installation: common mistakes

Often malfunctioning mods either do not appear or appear incorrectly. In such cases, there can be many reasons. It's worth considering solutions starting from the simplest ones and then moving on to more complex and radical ones, such as completely reinstalling the add-on.

The Sims tips | 6769 | 02.03.2024

Story in snapshots: a guide to photography in The Sims 4

The virtual world of The Sims 4 offers not only the development and management of characters but also unique opportunities for creativity. Every player strives to come up with a special and exciting storyline, and capturing it is essential. Therefore, in this article, we will explore the thrilling world of photography in The Sims 4.

The Sims tips | 6258 | 28.02.2024

The Sims 4: Furnish your home without using build&buy

We know that making money in The Sims is absolutely not a problem. And of course, it's easy to switch to build mode and decorate the house to your liking. But there's a more interesting option! Let's figure out together how to furnish an empty dwelling without buying anything in build mode. This can be a great challenge for one of the generations in your legacy family.

Inspiration | 5439 | 25.02.2024

How to spice up your Sims game without mods

Hello, Oksia here! In this article I would like to share ideas for playing without mods. In my legacy family I hardly use scripted mods, and believe me, it can still be interesting without them!

Inspiration | 6503 | 23.02.2024

Main causes of broken faces, bodies and other bugs in Sims

This article will present a comprehensive list of custom content , which may lead to the appearance of holes in the torso and face, floating tongues, and black eggplants on sims. Additionally, the reasons for these issues are collected.

The Sims tips | 6657 | 21.02.2024

Are you going to move?

The game often throws our sims into unusual adventures. What's stopping us from doing the same? One option is to play out an original scenario and change the scene – by moving sims into an incredible dwelling. Below, we've gathered several interesting lots to spice up your game.

Inspiration | 5740 | 19.02.2024

Import your The Sims tree from the PlumTreeApp

After the announcement of The Plum Tree's closure, users were offered to download copies of their family trees. TheSimsTree allows for convenient and quick import of a copy to continue the family genealogy. In the Villareal family, there are four generations and quite a lot of sims – it would be a shame to lose it.

Dynasties | 6762 | 17.02.2024

Why downloading Sims mods from third-party (non-author's) sources is dangerous

Using third-party sources is undoubtedly the easiest and quickest way to download any mod with just a few clicks. However, there are several reasons why it's not advisable to do so, and it's best to manually find resources from the authors, familiarize yourself with the instructions, and only then install the necessary mod.

The Sims tips | 5285 | 15.02.2024

6 unique Sims locations for wedding

When you've been playing for many years and organizing approximately the same ceremonies, where the locations vary only from simply beautiful to insanely beautiful, it starts to get boring. You want something original, atmospheric, you want to find their own place for each couple. We've compiled a selection of unique lots from the gallery for your perfect wedding.

Inspiration | 5306 | 12.02.2024

Population Control in The Sims 4

It's not uncommon for NPCs to simply start another family, leaving only a child and three pets in their previous household. This guide will help you avoid overcrowding or spontaneous moving to other households.

The Sims tips | 6405 | 10.02.2024

Give them a home: How to build the ultimate family home for your legacy family The Sims

Even though I found the combination of gameplay and building to be a match made in heaven, a lot of simmers I chat with don’t feel the same. Building feels overwhelming, complicated and it’s just not fun. Most people who enjoy the gameplay of the Sims don’t necessarily enjoy giving them a true home to live in. And that is fair, the building tools in The Sims are not the easiest to use. I figured, if I like this so much, why not teach other people how to do it too.

The Sims tips | 8813 | 10.02.2024

History of the Li-Blair sims dynasty

In this article we will introduce you to the Li-Blair dynasty. Its creator is Iren. You can visit her simstagram to learn more about the family's pedigree. Also be sure to explore the beautiful family tree of this dynasty, which already has 3 generations.

Dynasties | 6692 | 05.02.2024

Tips for running a Sims dynasty

My name is Anna Summer. I have a great love for the game and I want to share some helpful tips that help me continue playing the dynasty for 32 generations.

Inspiration | 6818 | 05.02.2024

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