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List of 300+ NPCs for your save

We recently promised you a selection of NPCs for all occasions. If you’re interested in the method of controlling townie generation through the MC Command Center but don’t yet have your own base of 100 gorgeous sims, the huge list below is for you :)

The Sims tips | 13650 | 30.06.2024

Control NPC generation using MC Command Center

There are several ways to control the appearance of your NPCs. We want to show you how to teach your game to generate attractive sims using just the MC Command Center, which we’re sure most of you use.

The Sims tips | 11697 | 25.06.2024

How to interesting reveal a character on a TheSimsTree card

Our team is very inspired by the possibilities offered by the character card on our service. You can fit literally everything into it, without exaggeration)) It's so interesting to explore the trees in the gallery and find new ideas. In this article we'll explain how to creatively design a character card, what additional fields to include and what to add to the description.

Inspiration | 10885 | 20.06.2024

Creative The Sims tree designs by Mashira San

Hello, bunnies! Today I decided to experiment a bit and create not just backgrounds for the tree, but complete designs! They are quite simple, but in my opinion, neat and pleasing to the eye. The first one is slightly inspired by something cosmic, yet still cute and pleasant.

Inspiration | 10339 | 15.06.2024

How to make vampires more interesting in The Sims

The addition of vampires to The Sims 4 was a long-awaited event for many simmers. Finally, there was an opportunity to draw inspiration for the game from a bunch of movies and books. However, as always, the realism - if you can call it that - of Sims vampires falls short. We suggest enhancing your game with some interesting mods so you can not only play out Stoker's Dracula but even The Vampire Diaries :)

Inspiration | 10381 | 10.06.2024

GShade: The ultimate guide

There is always room for improvement, things to learn and areas to perfect. But everyone has to start somewhere, and it's easy to feel lost sifting through various sources of information, trying to find something practical to apply. I've tried to put all my knowledge into this article. It's not just about shaders; there's also a basic tutorial on the fundamentals of photography, aimed at enhancing your understanding of which sliders to adjust and why.

The Sims tips | 12285 | 05.06.2024

5 tips that will help reveal your Sims character from a different side

Sul-sul! Have you ever encountered a situation where you didn't know what to do with your sim? Which career to choose for your character, what hobbies to give them and ultimately, where to even find the desire to play? My name is Nastya, and I've managed to pick up 5 tips from my gameplay for you that will help you get to know your character a little better.

Inspiration | 10752 | 31.05.2024

Access your The Sims tree in one click

You often ask us about the TheSimsTree app. We really understand you, we want it too!) In the meantime, for your convenience, we have prepared instructions on how to add our website to quick access on the desktop of any device in just a few clicks.

Dynasties | 10829 | 27.05.2024

We found your favorite preset for The Sims

We've decided to help you choose presets for Gshade and Reshade by gathering alternatives for every taste and gameplay scenario in one place. We hope you'll find the perfect one for you!

The Sims tips | 10542 | 23.05.2024

The Sims: Do you miss the old versions?

As the developers release new parts of The Sims, they make us, the players, increasingly nostalgic for the old ones. More details in the sims' daily actions, better graphics and interesting interactions between characters – we miss all this when we think of The Sims 2. Let's try to bring back some of that atmosphere and add features from the previous games.

Inspiration | 9954 | 18.05.2024

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