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How to Identify a mod breaking your Sims game: the 50/50 method

Something in your game isn't working as planned, and you've tried all the troubleshooting methods. The MC Command Center isn't showing any errors, or you can't figure out what's causing the problem, and it's not resolving. That's when you turn to the tried-and-true method: the 50/50 method. By dividing your mods into equal parts and excluding those that don't cause bugs, we'll identify the culprit.

The Sims tips | 10227 | 12.05.2024

10 mods that will make relationships in The Sims more interesting

Agree, romantic relationships in The Sims are far from reality. There's a lot that needs fixing, and even more we want to add to Sim interactions because you can never have too much realism. We've prepared a list of mods that will bring vivid emotions.

Inspiration | 11095 | 07.05.2024

How to make gameplay in Sims University diverse

Complaints about the gameplay in the Sims 4 "University" expansion being dull and boring are common online, many players ignoring their digital characters' pursuit of higher education, believing it's not worth their time. However, you can diversify your gameplay with your students without resorting to mods, using only the vanilla game. How? Let me tell you now!

Inspiration | 9933 | 27.04.2024

How to understand that The Sims save is corrupted and what to do about it?

Save game or its elements breaking is not uncommon in The Sims. And we all want to create a family with multiple generations and enjoy playing with it. In this article we'll discuss how to understand when something is wrong with your save and how you can resolve this issue.

The Sims tips | 10297 | 24.04.2024

Holiday ideas for The Sims family (NO CC)

Sometimes it's difficult to come up with activities to keep your characters' lives from becoming a constant routine, especially when the events offered by the developers and generated by the game become rather repetitive. My name is Kate, I share my creations under the nickname redkate and today I'm offering you 15 holiday ideas to spice up the weekdays of your sims. These holidays don't require mods, just in-game features and a bit of your imagination :)

Inspiration | 9884 | 21.04.2024

The Sims 4: Better BuildBuy Mod Guide

The Better BuildBuy mod by TwistedMexi is designed to enhance the functional aspects and streamline item searching in build mode. The mod allows you to forget about tons of codes that unlock hidden objects by adding them to the game with just a couple of clicks!

The Sims tips | 10045 | 18.04.2024

5 unusual business ideas for The Sims

The Sims is not only about in-game interactions between characters, relationship dramas and raising children. A significant part of the enjoyment from the game comes from achieving success in careers with your sims, especially in business, as it's always unpredictable and engaging. If you've already achieved everything in the basic careers and business, here are some ideas for you.

Inspiration | 9016 | 14.04.2024

How to remove plumbobs and other overhead effects in The Sims 4?

Do you love taking screenshots of your Sims, but find the constantly appearing plumbobs annoying? Or perhaps you're recording gameplay videos, and the intrusive plumbob doesn't fit the aesthetic? We have a solution for you, and not just one!

The Sims tips | 9618 | 11.04.2024

The Sims: Your well-developed OC

Brainstorming characters or simply your OCs is always interesting. Even if you've already thought everything through and envisioned it in detail, working on the character in writing can be very beneficial at times. This is how puzzles come together into a cohesive picture, and your character truly comes to life! And now I want to share some points that could help you in creating or refining your main character.

Inspiration | 9590 | 08.04.2024

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