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What The Sims challenge are you participating in?

It seems like nobody loves challenges as much as simmers do. The Sims offers vast possibilities, sometimes it's hard to decide which scenario to play out. We've gathered for you several grand, well-thought-out challenges that will keep you engaged for many generations.

Inspiration | 9268 | 04.04.2024

The Sims 4: How to pose in CAS

If you're tired of characters endlessly spinning in CAS, vampires and mermaids going crazy and showing their essence by hissing or blowing bubbles, or if you simply want to diversify the visual experience in CAS or shoot popular character lookbooks, then welcome to our guide.

The Sims tips | 8456 | 02.04.2024

Storylines for your Sims game (part 2)

Some prefer to base the plot on what the game itself suggests, while others enjoy planning every detail in advance. If the game hasn't offered anything interesting, the text below is for you.

Inspiration | 6349 | 31.03.2024

Graphics settings in The Sims 4

Not all players are satisfied with the graphics of The Sims 4. Problems with shadows, lighting... This article will explain how to improve the visuals and get more enjoyment from the game.

The Sims tips | 6937 | 26.03.2024

Indoor lighting in The Sims 4

This article is dedicated to one of the most mysterious bugs - indoor lighting during sunrise/sunset in The Sims 4. The room should be filled with sunlight rays, but it remains dark with cold blue tones... Can this be fixed?

The Sims tips | 6062 | 23.03.2024

Error 0xc0000005 when launching The Sims 4. How to fix?

Error 0xc0000005 indicates difficulties with accessing a resource, most commonly a part of memory. Simmers often encounter this issue. Let's figure out the possible causes and how to resolve it.

The Sims tips | 6272 | 20.03.2024

Storylines for your Sims game

Often, if you've played out all the storylines planned for your family, the game can hit a dead end. You can search for an interesting challenge, draw inspiration from books or TV shows, or try to find new twists in your sims' lives using the ideas from this article.

Inspiration | 6888 | 18.03.2024

Fix the clothing bug in the shower and pool in The Sims 4

Do your Sims go to the shower, pool and bath fully clothed? There can be many reasons for this issue: CC clothing/accessories and default underwear. In this article, we will discuss how to solve it.

The Sims tips | 5803 | 12.03.2024

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