What The Sims challenge are you participating in?

from: TheSimsTree

It seems like nobody loves challenges as much as simmers do. The Sims offers vast possibilities, sometimes it's hard to decide which scenario to play out. We've gathered for you several grand, well-thought-out challenges that will keep you engaged for many generations. 

Occult Legacy Challenge by Asphodel Moon  

Packs you will need: Strangerville, Get to Work, Jungle Adventure, Paranormal, Eco Lifestyle, Island Living, Werewolves, Vampires, Realm of Magic, Spa Day, Seasons, High School Years, Outdoor Retreat 

A great opportunity to delve deeper into the unusual characters in The Sims. And not just the standard occult ones that the game offers to create in CAS. By living with a dynasty for 9 generations, you'll immerse yourself in the history of Strangerville, turn the heir into a plant sim, a mermaid, try to survive in a haunted house... 


Barbie Legacy Challenge by sims-himbo 

Packs you will need: Get To Work, City Living, Cats & Dogs, Get Famous, Island Living, Spa Day*, Parenthood. Optional packs: University, Cottage Living, Horse Ranch, Strangerville. 

While Ryan Gosling continues to sing "I'm just Ken", the "Barbie" movie won't let us go. Let it continue... With 10 main generations and 4 additional ones, you have the opportunity to take your Sims from the "stereotypical" Barbie to great achievements. Incorporate the images of legendary dolls into your game: Barbie the President, a mermaid, a veterinarian, an astronaut... You can find inspiration for building generation-themed houses in this video. There's also a version available for The Sims 3. 


Star sign legacy challenge by GINOVASIMS 

Packs you will need: Snowy Escape, City Living, Discover University, Get to Work, Cats and Dogs, Get Famous, Get Together, Island Living, Eco Lifestyle, Cottage Living, Strangerville, Dine Out, Parenthood.  

A challenge where each generation is based on one of the 12 zodiac signs. The personalities of the heirs are inspired by stereotypical representations of the different signs. Start with the achievement with a confident and independent Aries at the peak of a political career, and end with a cozy veterinary clinic led by a secretive and anxious Pisces sim. 


Whimsy Stories Legacy Challenge by kateraed 

A very atmospheric challenge with well-thought-out plots that will inspire you for 10 generations of a dynasty. And cheats for money are even allowed in it! Your sims will experience a lot: someone will be homeless, someone will be a single parent with 4 adopted children, someone will rebuild an entire city, someone will have a raccoon as a pet... Overall, it seems like it could be very interesting.


The joy of life legacy challenge by @simelune  

Packs you will need: This challenge uses (almost) all packs. 

If all the previous challenges spanning 10-12 generations seemed unserious to you for a real grand dynasty, then we suggest trying The Joy of Life Legacy Challenge designed for 37(!) generations. It includes mods and numerous expansions, but you can skip generations, progress nonlinearly: the main thing is to enjoy the experience.



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