The Sims: Do you miss the old versions?

from: TheSimsTree

As the developers release new parts of The Sims, they make us, the players, increasingly nostalgic for the old ones. More details in the sims' daily actions, better graphics and interesting interactions between characters – we miss all this when we think of The Sims 2. Let's try to bring back some of that atmosphere and add features from the previous games. 

The Sims 2 inspired UI for The Sims 4 by vyxated 

You've probably heard about this mod, as its release was big news for simmers worldwide. The author aims to make our game cozier and unlock a lot of memories from twenty years ago. It's very easy to take the best from The Sims 2 interface. It is also recommended to download an additional mod for the taxi loading screen and those old sound effects. 


TS2 CAS Background Room Replacement by Simsi45 

In addition to the previous point, we suggest changing the appearance of CAS as well. Instead of the boring, blue, flat background our characters will be transported to a warm, atmospheric 3D room, recreated in minute detail. 


Slacker Career by Bosselady TV 

The most fun career to play in The Sims as a kid. Thanks to the author for bringing back the opportunity to become a professional partygoer. To play and envy your sim, follow the link. 

Pet Careers by Adeepindigo 

In the older game, training commands with your dogs brought not only joy but also salary increases. Of course, not for the sims, but for their pets. You can make your pet a showbiz star or have them contribute to society. 


Cars for sims 

Let's talk a bit about The Sims 3. One of the most significant losses in the Sims world is the ability to buy and drive a car. Cars perfectly complement a carefully built house, can showcase your sim's status or simply become their big hobby. 

One way to solve this problem is to install the Ownable and "Functional" Cars mod by SimMattically. The car will decorate your lot, you can "travel" with it, and it will even boost the driver's energy and comfort. And if the appearance is less important to you than the ability to actually drive a car, you can download the GolfCar by MermanSimmer. 


Music Festival and Concert Mod by Mercuryfoam and Roundog 

Finally, you can give your Sims the chance to perform at large festivals in front of a crowd. Set up a stage on your lot, and your character will just need to rent it and strive to perform well, using the microphone stand and stage effects. 


Play Drum Mods by Zulf 

A violin, as offered by the developers, might not be ideal for a music festival, but drums are a great option. Not only can adult sims play them, but children can too. Plus the drum set allows the development of a drumming skill. 

Functional pool slide converted from S3 by AlexCroft 

It seems that The Sims 3 was better suited for active sims than the newer installment. If your dynasty members are active, be sure to install this mod. The slide is fully functional and even suitable for children. 


Sims 2 сharacters by The Sims Lab 

It's often said that the stories of classic families from The Sims 2 were much more developed and interesting than those in The Sims 4. If you agree and want to experience those same plots with The Sims 4 mechanics, download the nostalgic character pack from this and this links. The characters are recreated not only in appearance but also in personality, with family dynamics present. Adults have jobs, and children attend extracurricular activities. 



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