Occult characters, sims' life stages, adopted children and much more on your Sims family tree

from: TheSimsTree

Users of TheSimsTree are eagerly awaiting the addition of various icons for characters on the family trees. They often inquire about occult characters, denoting children of aliens, wanting to show adopted children or parents. In this article, we will explain how to use the existing features of the service for such situations. 

The author of this wonderful idea is Lolita Goth. She added icons with clubs her characters belong to: 

1. Created several pet profiles, each responsible for a specific club. 

2. Used thematic photos for avatars. 

3. Added these "pets" to the cards of the necessary sims. 

This simple solution immediately adds individuality to the members of your family. 

Occult characters 

Just like with clubs, you can create "pets" for different types of characters in The Sims. You can find images online that you think are suitable for your vampires, spellcasters, aliens, werewolves or mermaids. You can experiment and come up with your own designs (for example, a moon for werewolves, fangs for vampires), or you can simply take them from the game. You can also showcase the dark side of vampires, the disguise of aliens, and so on. 


Sim ages 

To enter the family tree and immediately see all your favorite characters from childhood to old age, reminiscing – it sounds wonderful. 


Adopted child, twins/triplets, alien pregnancy 

This is also an excellent way to highlight special children on the family tree. Come up with distinctive symbols for your twins. And most importantly, you can add to one character, for example, an alien symbol and a symbol indicating that they are adopted, as the number of pets for one sim is not limited. And in the case of an adopted child, you can simply show their biological parents in this way. 


Career, diplomas, awards 

This is also an ideal opportunity for career-oriented sims to showcase their success. For example, if you want to mark each heir's career path. Or if it's important for you to show excellent education and prestigious diplomas. You can also add awards (for horse competitions, for example), achievements (such as Vampire Master), various prizes (like acting awards). 


You can display on the family tree what is important to you: life goals, city, illnesses, a particular business, generation numbering for convenience, hobbies, challenges you've completed together... It's all limited only by your imagination. 



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