How to make gameplay in Sims University diverse

from: TheSimsTree

Hello, simmers! Complaints about the gameplay in the Sims 4 "University" expansion being dull and boring are common online, many players ignoring their digital characters' pursuit of higher education, believing it's not worth their time. 

I strongly disagree with this opinion. You can diversify your gameplay during your students' pursuit of higher education without resorting to mods, using only the vanilla game. How? Let me tell you now! 

1. Dormitory life 

Living in a dormitory is an opportunity to make new acquaintances and perhaps lifelong friends. Approach the construction or selection of a dormitory wisely. I do not recommend overloading the lot with items that allow you to study necessary skills, as then you will have no reason to venture into the Common Room or Library unnecessarily. Spending all your time at university in the dormitory is a surefire way to quickly get bored with gameplay. Study in the library in the evenings, remembering to assign it the lot trait "Study spot", then you will do your homework much faster. And for lunch and dinner head to the university's common room. 

What you should definitely put in the dormitory are entertainment items: a ping-pong table, dance floor, TV with a gaming console or a card table. And actively engage with your neighbors! 


To prevent other sims from bothering you in your own room, don't neglect the access settings on the doors. I also recommend instructing your sim to avoid entering other people's rooms, this way they are less likely to do their homework at someone else's desk. 

2. Student organizations 

Universities have student organizations and I recommend not ignoring them! These organizations have membership rules, tasks that will be interesting to complete, and events where you can gain skills, have fun, socialize and simply enjoy your sim's experience. 

In each university there are three student organizations, and overall each of them is well-suited to your sim's personality if you plan ahead which university they will attend.  

Britechester is known for its humanities and fine arts, while Foxbury excels in technical and scientific fields. The student organizations in these universities reflect the overall spirit of their alma mater.  

Here you will meet students from other dorms, have a great time and recharge for your studies. 


Don't forget that universities have the mysterious "Order of enchantment," which is not easy to join, but if you do manage to get in, you'll encounter a bunch of unexpected discoveries. Try making an offering to the university statue and late at night expect the arrival of unexpected guests who will offer you to join this secret Order. 

3. Roleplaying practical training through clubs 

All former university students remember the wonderful thing called practicals! Oh, those evenings in the biology lab, where your eyes would get tired from hours of peering through a microscope! Why not arrange such a practical for our sims? 

Create a club and name it, for example, "Biology Department". Gather your fellow dorm mates, create a teacher and build a lab where sims can engage in practical work in the evenings. To ensure that sims in the club engage in specific activities rather than wandering aimlessly around the lot, assign specific tasks to the club. 

For my roleplay, I redesigned a house from the Gallery into a laboratory. It's a Shared space and besides club members it's also open to anyone interested in digging in the dirt. I've locked the doors on the second floor only for club members, so now there are no issues with microscopes or discussion podiums being constantly occupied by outsiders. Assign the club appropriate uniforms for a deeper immersion into the game. And go for it! 


4. Teaching  

When your character reaches a high level in any skill, they can teach during their free time between attending lectures. This not only gives your sim positive moodlets but also allows them to earn some extra cash. Moreover, it can be used in roleplay if your sim aspires to become a prominent figure in SimNation. Making a name for yourself should start from a young age! So why not give your sim a chance to stand out even in university? You can teach by clicking on any of the university buildings. 

And if you run a channel or group about your dynasty, you can use these moodlets for role-playing for your audience. 


5. Summer internship 

For the summer break I give my Sims a couple of weeks off from studying. But what do students do during the summer? That's right, they intern! Send them with their classmates to places where they can gain practical skills related to their field of study. 

Are your sims studying Economics? Have them rent a place in San Myshuno for a couple of weeks and get internships in the business district, starting from entry-level positions. They can work on developing the necessary skills while you build office spaces in the same city. During their free time they can improve their charisma or debate skills at the "offices," which are essentially libraries. 

And if a sim is studying Biology, send them to Granite Falls for a week-long vacation. There they can collect insects and plants and prepare a base for studying under the microscope or practicing gardening skills during the next semester at university. 


It all comes down to your imagination. Studying Fine Arts? The Summer Painting Club awaits. Enrolled in Dramaturgy? Roleplay a student acting studio. Public Center lots are perfect for this. 


6. Student jobs 

On the final courses of university one can start gaining experience. However, full-fledged careers won't suit this, as studying is still a priority. So, opt for part-time jobs or careers with flexible schedules. Who among students hasn't worked as a bartender or a general laborer in their youth? Plus for employers at their first serious job, this will be an additional advantage: the Sim is hardworking and not afraid of getting their hands dirty. They're hired. 

Additionally, you can sell items made by your sim at flea markets by placing sales tables on public lots. This way you'll improve both charisma and entrepreneurial skills while earning some extra money. In general, it's all in your hands. 






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