10 mods that will make relationships in The Sims more interesting

from: TheSimsTree

Agree, romantic relationships in The Sims are far from reality. There's a lot that needs fixing, and even more we want to add to Sim interactions because you can never have too much realism. We've prepared a list of mods that will bring vivid emotions. 

FruitySim Phone Dating App by Grumpy 

Let's start with a mod that will help find romantic relationships. And absolutely any: for one night, just to chat, serious with plans for the future. Your Sim can meet a lot of people to understand who they really need. And this is also one of the many options for a fun meeting story in the future. 


Friends Share Beds by Waffle's Mix-Ins 

When you learn about this mod, a bunch of ideas with storylines for the game immediately come to mind. For example, two friends without money are forced to rent a small apartment with one bed and eventually they develop a romantic relationship. As always, trust your imagination. 

Cute Romance by thepancake1 and MizoreYukii 

This mod takes your sims' relationships to an entirely new level of romance. Passionate kisses, bed kisses, sweet hugs from behind become available, and a very useful feature - the ability to propose at the table. A restaurant, a great dinner, candles - the perfect setting for an engagement. 

Passionate Gifts by UTOPYA_cc 

When your sims have already started their relationship and have become a little closer, it's time to make gifts more touching and meaningful. Give your significant other a bouquet with a love message or a heart-shaped necklace and enjoy the beautiful animations of the mod. Don't forget to take a photo. 


Hickies by llazyneiph 

For particularly passionate sims, there's an opportunity to leave a reminder of themselves on their partner's neck. It might come in handy for a mistress or lover who wants their partner's family relationships to end as soon as possible. And parents of teenagers, noticing hickies on them, could scold their children. 

Better Romantic Jealousy by Mokunoid 

An excellent mod that fixes the developers' mistakes. Now the anger of a jealous sim will be directed not only at their partner but also at the third party. The character will take into account who initiated it, as well as whether their partner agreed or not. No unjustified jealousy and negativity. 

Cuddle And Bath Together by Khlas 

Taking a bath together brings sims closer, and they should have the opportunity to understand that. Arrange a romantic date for them creating the right atmosphere. 


Bed Cuddle by thepancake1 and MizoreYukii 

Since this mod came out, a huge number of simmers have been delighted more often during the game. Of course, because hugs in bed are incredibly cozy and filled with love. It's a great opportunity for you to take touching couple photos, and for sims to increase their happiness level by receiving a special moodlet. 

Romance Reactions Mod: Engagement by thatssojordy 

Eleven custom moodlets will diversify your game and help you get to know your sims better. Character reactions can be both positive and negative. You can ignore them or build a new plot twist around them. 

Crying Mod by Vicky Sims 

Developers forgot about such an important human quality as the ability to cry. And unfortunately, in relationships, crying is often necessary. This mod allows you to make sims' emotions much deeper and more realistic. 



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