Indoor lighting in The Sims 4

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This article is dedicated to one of the most mysterious bugs – indoor lighting during sunrise/sunset in The Sims 4. The room should be filled with sunlight rays, but it remains dark with cold blue tones... 

Can this be fixed? 

Firstly, you need to check the graphics settings in the corresponding section of the game settings and set them to the maximum value. Secondly, it is recommended to install drivers for the graphics card and reinstall the game to update its version. You can also try installing mods and add-ons that improve lighting performance (more details in the article). Or perhaps the bug can be fixed by looking into the game's root folder or configuration files? 

In any case, you need to have a powerful enough computer capable of ensuring the effectiveness of these solutions. 


*Here is a clear demonstration of the difference in lighting during sunrise outdoors and indoors even with large windows* 

Let's go through alternative solutions step by step, and the esteemed reader can decide for themselves what is more convenient. 

The first thing that comes to mind is to install the 'NoBlu' Lighting Improvement Mod. Author: LuumiaLoverSims, arensims 

This mod enhances indoor lighting, making it more realistic. The mod removes the "blueish" tint that occurs in darkness and also adds 40% brightness, transforming the dim twilight of the room into more realistic, bright and discernible lighting. 


You can try installing the BETTER IN-GAME LIGHTING MOD by Northern Siberia Wings. 

This mod "adjusts" the in-game lighting, making it warmer and softer. The difference can be seen in the screenshot below. The main thing to remember is to install only one file, otherwise conflicts may arise. It's similar to the mod mentioned earlier, so it's best to choose only one of them. 


Gshade or ReShade and warm presets 

If you install presets or manually adjust shaders in these programs, you can indeed fix the issue with the lighting temperature. However, not all users may be able to use these programs as they heavily load the game, and some presets are designed only for screenshots, not for gameplay. But if you don't have issues with that, we can recommend finding a suitable preset and forget about this problem. 


*An example is provided with a preset from ellcrze* 

We also found an interesting video where the author demonstrates how to adjust the lighting in interiors using settings in ReShade. The only downside is that these functions do not work in GShade. It's definitely worth watching. 


There are easier ways as well: adjusting the intensity of the lighting using lamps or using custom content that significantly affects the lighting in the game, such as windows with rays from Natalia-Auditore. 


Perhaps you could try digging into the configuration files and coding the desired result yourself? Of course, you can, but so far we haven't found an enthusiast who has successfully tackled this task. However, there is a way to influence the lighting by intervening in the root folder of the game. 

Sunblind lighting overhaul by softerhaze 

Sunblind is a fully customizable, realistic lighting overhaul created for The Sims 4.  

Some other features include: 

  • Vivid sunsets and sunrises with changing colors, deep, saturated shadows, and a unique summer sunset. 
  • More realistic daytime lighting – less blue than default in EA, but still somewhat saturated to better simulate reflected light (unlike the first mod in the article, no-blu, which completely desaturates daytime lighting and shadows). 
  • Ultra-dark, desaturated lighting and shadows late at night. 
  • Full installation instructions are available on the author's website. 

There are many lighting overhauls available, but we chose Sunbling as the most optimal and updated option. You can search for another if needed. 

And these are all the methods for addressing this issue. If you find another option, please inform the author. Thank you. 






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