Error 0xc0000005 when launching The Sims 4. How to fix?

from: The Sims 4 Helper

Error 0xc0000005 indicates difficulties with accessing a resource, most commonly a part of memory. Simmers often encounter this issue. Let's figure out the possible causes and how to resolve it. 


error example 

Possible reasons for occurrence: 

1. Error during installation of Windows or software; 

2. Device driver issues (incorrect version, corrupted files); 

3. Impact of viruses; 

4. Malfunctioning Random Access Memory (RAM) at the physical level (defective module, overheating, etc.). 

To fix this error, you need to: 

1. Check if all updates are installed for your operating system. You can do this in the notification center. If there are errors, you will see the corresponding red/yellow icon:


If there is an error, simply reinstall the update. 

2. Update drivers for your PC. 

How to understand if something is wrong with the drivers: launch Device Manager (open the Start menu and type "Device Manager" in the search bar). 

In the device panel you will see all the components of your PC, most often problems arise with the processor and video card drivers. If something is wrong, these lines will be marked with corresponding yellow/red icons. 


If the problem is related to the video card, you can find drivers for your device on the official website of your video card manufacturer (example search: Radeon (TM) RX 470 Graphics drivers). 

If the problem is related to the processor, you can install the Snappy Driver Installer program and scan your device. The program will provide the necessary drivers automatically. 

3. Run an antivirus scan on your system files to check for viruses. 

If viruses are detected, proceed to remove them accordingly. 

4. Ensure that the RAM is functioning properly. 

Signs of memory failure: 

- Frequent blue screen of death with error codes 0x0000000A and 0x0000008e. Other errors indicating malfunction may also occur. 

- Crashes under heavy RAM load, such as during gaming, video rendering, graphic work, etc. 

- Failure to boot up the computer or startup accompanied by beeping sounds indicating malfunction. 

- Distorted image on the monitor. While this symptom often points to problems with the video card, memory issues could also be a cause. 

In this situation, it's recommended to seek assistance from a service center. 

This problem often occurs when system updates are incorrectly installed or drivers are missing from the PC. 


If you encounter bugs or errors in your game, you can always reach out to our Sims 4 Help Bot for assistance – consultations with a manager are completely free. Additionally, you can take advantage of our services for cleaning/updating or assembling your Mods folder from scratch, among other helpful services. 

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