Story in snapshots: a guide to photography in The Sims 4

from: TheSimsTree

The virtual world of The Sims 4 offers not only the development and management of characters but also unique opportunities for creativity. Every player strives to come up with a special and exciting storyline, and capturing it is essential. Therefore, in this article, we will explore the thrilling world of photography in The Sims 4, using the Pose Player mod from Andrew's Studio and the ISO Love Photos camera, which provides full control over the camera to turn every shot into a piece of art. 

Poses for photos 

Let's start by searching for poses!  

On the most popular forums and social media platforms such as Patreon, Tumblr and Pinterest, you can find countless unique poses created by talented players. These creations are designed to bring your characters to life, regardless of the theme or number of participants in the moment. 

There is a very useful article on Tumblr, where a multitude of poses is collected, covering various themes, ages and events. 

Installing Pose Player and teleportation statue for sims 

Visit the official website of Andrew's Studio to download Pose Player. After downloading unzip the files and place them in the Mods folder of your game: 

Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods 

On the same website you will find a statue that allows you to teleport multiple sims. Install it in the Mods folder as well. 

Taking photos in the game using the statue 

Step 1: Open the game and go to build mode. In the "Kitchen" section, select "Misc Decorations" and find the statue. 


Step 2: After placing the statue, click on it: 

  • If the sim you want to photograph is on the lot, select: 

  "Summon a Sim to Here" 

  • If you want to teleport a sim from another lot, choose: 

  "Teleport a Sim Here" 

Step 3: When you've selected and teleported the sim and want to put him in a pose, click on him and choose "Pose By Pack." Then choose the pose you've previously downloaded that will convey the desired emotions for your photos! 

How to take photos in excellent quality and with virtually no limitations? 

Now that you have Pose Player installed in the game, let's add another layer of creativity with ISO Love Photos. This mod allows you to customize the camera position, field of view, depth of field and many other parameters to create truly unique shots. 

Step 1: Download the mod from the creator's official website and install it in the Mods folder. 

When both tools are installed, a whole world of possibilities for experimentation and creativity opens up! 

Step 2: In Build Mode go to the "Study" section and select "Hobbies and Skills": 


Step 3: Find the camera and place it. Thanks to the code for free object placement bb.moveobjects, you can raise the camera to the level of your sims using the [9] (up) and [0] (down) keys. 


Next the camera works just like the regular one in the game, except the photo quality is always excellent, and you can take 25 photos instead of 10! 


You can also use the in-game screenshot tools or take screenshots through reshade/gshade, in addition to the enhanced camera, to capture every detail of your virtual art. 

Now go ahead, create your stories and share your art with the world, for example, through the family tree or your own social media! 






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