The Sims 4: Better BuildBuy Mod Guide

from: The Sims 4 Helper

The Better BuildBuy mod by TwistedMexi is designed to enhance the functional aspects and streamline item searching in build mode. The mod allows you to forget about tons of codes that unlock hidden objects by adding them to the game with just a couple of clicks! 



This mod should be installed no deeper than one subfolder within the Mods folder. 


If the mod is installed incorrectly or deeper than the Mods folder, you will receive a warning

If installed correctly, there will be no notifications, but additional filters will appear in the item sorting menu: 


*the mod filter* 


*the content filter* 

To activate the organized debugging feature, you need to checkmark it and reload the game with saving.  

Upon successful activation after reloading you will see the following notification: 



Enhanced filtering and unlocking of hidden objects and Build/Buy mode features. 

What's New in the "Materials" Tab: 

Unlocked – displays locked career rewards and achievement rewards. 

Purchased – displays objects from purchased expansions, packs, catalogs, etc. 

Hide Maxis – allows you to hide all standard in-game items, leaving only debug objects, CC content or world objects depending on the checkbox settings below: 

Debug – toggles the display of debug items on/off. 

World Objects – toggles the display of city decorations on/off. 

Custom Content – toggles the display of CC content downloaded by you on/off. 

Better BuildBuy Tab: 

Organized Debug – categorizes all debug objects in the game. For example: debug cars will appear under sculptures; furniture items created by Sims through the woodworking bench will appear under comfort bed/chair, and so on. 

Enable Placement of Objects Off Grid – no longer need to manually enter the bb.moveobjects cheat, simply check the box next to this option. 

Unlock Career Rewards – removes the lock from all blocked reward objects in the game. 

Delete Protection – allows you to delete coverings (such as flooring or wall paint) without deleting attached furniture or entire rooms. We recommend enabling this feature only before performing this action, and then disabling it, as during the operation of this option, the "undo action" function in the game may work incorrectly. 

Expansion of the Build/Buy Catalog Block 

This feature is activated and deactivated by pressing the "~" key on the keyboard and adds additional lines for easier item search: 


Editing Lighting from Build/Buy Mode 

This function is activated by clicking on a lighting object with the left mouse button while holding down Shift, allowing you to edit the shade and intensity of the lamp without exiting build/buy mode. It also allows you to override the lighting and its shade across an entire room or lot with just a few clicks. 


*edit selected light fixture* 


*this room* 


*the entire lot* 


*additional settings* 

Additional section "Favorites" in the purchasing mode 


Allows you to save items to a separate "Favorites" folder and adds a "star" icon to the item's icon in purchasing mode. 

To add an item to Favorites, click on it with the mouse wheel. To remove the mark, click on the item again with the mouse wheel. 



Section "Custom Materials" 

In version 3.2 the author added a feature to view the custom content (CC) objects you've used while building a lot. 


*the location of the function* 


*the list of custom content objects used* 

Free Camera Mode (deprecated starting from game version 1.98, as it has been added to the game's functionality) 

This feature is activated by pressing Tab and allows you to apply the "free camera" mode without the interface. 

You can download the mod from the official page of the author TwistedMexi on Patreon. 

Happy building! 


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