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from: Anna Summerannj

Welcome to the The Sims Tree blog!

My name is Anna Summerannj. I have a great love for the game and I want to share some helpful tips that help me continue playing the dynasty for 32 generations.

Always make backup save files

It's very disappointing to lose all your progress due to a Windows reinstall or a sudden hard drive failure. No one is safe from this. I keep backup copies in several places: in the cloud and on two different hard drives additionally.

Create your aesthetic in the game

It's always pleasant to return to a game filled with beautiful buildings, NPC characters, sometimes thought out to the smallest detail. Your save is your own world, and no one else's. Here you decide how everything will be. The Gallery is full of beautiful builds and characters, and there are always ready-made save solutions.


Click “Play”

Many people are afraid to start playing, even after creating a beautiful save. You often hear phrases like: "I've set everything up, created a character, but the game is boring." The magic of The Sims doesn't happen by itself; it's important to learn, to observe and "listen" to the game. That's why you need to click Play, so the world revolves around your character.


Holidays and traditions

The game allows you to create your own holidays, so take advantage of it! You can celebrate your sims' wedding anniversary every Sim year, have a "Family Day," or mark "School Summer Vacation" on the calendar. This way, you manually send adults to work and let teens and children enjoy a week off. And all of this without mods. When my sims lived in Newcrest, I marked "City Day" on the calendar, held it every spring. Sims gathered in the park with neighbors and friends, played, sometimes organized a bake sale, and in the evening launched fireworks. Holidays are an extra reason to take your characters out of their comfort zone.


Change your characters' outfits more often

Feel free to change the clothes of your sims according to seasons, holidays, and age. It's sad to wear the same T-shirt from teenage years to retirement. Changing outfits and appearance refreshes the taste for the game.

Create a sim's personality portrait

It's a very useful thing when you're feeling burnt out and losing the desire to play. The heir has grown up, and what to do with them is unclear? In such moments, I do a breakdown of the sim (a portrait of their personality). I read the description of each trait, character virtues, and analyze. Yes, The Sims sometimes require thought. It's precisely thoughtless playing that leads you to the point of "my Sims poop and pee, what to do next? The Sims are boring." By the way, after the "personality analysis," it's great to record everything in the dynasty tree to come back and think, "how would my character behave in this situation?" That's what I did in the TheSimsTree dynasty tree.

Add a random effect

When aging, I love giving my characters random personality traits. Sometimes it creates a very interesting personality picture and adds excitement to the game. Overall, I love Sims who are like a "thorn in the backside," they always keep my interest in the game alive.

No "hand of God"

Try to catch yourself using the "hand of God" in the game and making your character's life easier. Can't they wash the dishes themselves? And even if they can't and want to sleep, but guests are coming tomorrow –- let them blush for themselves. I stopped helping them with household chores. Leftover food can be put in the fridge by clicking "Put away." Books and toys that are scattered, let them pick up themselves. This is their life.


Try playing with raised walls

Like with the "hand of God," this may seem unrealistic to accomplish. "But I'm already used to lowering the walls; it's more convenient for me," and I suggest you try stepping out of your comfort zone in the game. Try it. I've trained myself to play with raised walls, and I can't go back; the whole aesthetics of the location is lost.


About cheats

I'll be honest. I'm against cheating in the game. Enter a money cheat and then complain that the game is boring? Hilarious. Earning money in the game is not a problem at all; the problem is more about where to spend that money. It's already the third generation, and the sims have a villa overlooking the bay, and in the basement, there's a safe with a couple of million Simoleons. I also stopped using cheats to "adjust" Sims' figures in CAS. Ate too much at the "Family Day"? Let them deal with it themselves. They can run, do yoga, or go biking to the park. I'll add a little life hack about sims' weight loss: rollerblading works great. For both adults and children. Just try it.


Daily schedule

The advice is so simple that it may seem funny, but... Following a daily schedule helps the character achieve more in life. It's not difficult at all to put the sim to sleep at night, wake up fresh in the morning, and go about their important business. Sometimes it's cool to role-play a disrupted routine on holidays, where sims stay up late on the computer or TV, and then, not having slept enough, get up for work. You can recognize yourself after the New Year holidays.


No fast-forwarding

To play thoughtfully and not lose interest, try to stop constantly fast-forwarding time in the game. Without fast-forwarding, enjoy a cup of coffee with your sim on a frosty morning or lovingly watch as the father teaches his son to ride a bike in the yard. These are moments in the lives of your sims, don't fast-forward them. Just enjoy the process of the game.


There's no winner in The Sims

This game cannot be completed, so the race with fast-forwarding is meaningless. Play for pleasure, enjoying every minute spent in the game. Dynasty is no longer a challenge from the forum. It's your little world where you observe, make decisions with the characters, and live each moment with them.

Take care of yourself and your sims!

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With love, Anna Summerannj

Anna Summerannj

Anna Summerannj

Simsfluencer, streamer, and 32nd-generation dynasty creator. Shares valuable tips and inspiration in the game, helping you to stay committed to your dynasty.