The Sims: Your well-developed OC

from: Mashira San

Developing a story, whether it's in The Sims or elsewhere, is always interesting. I'm sure you've started creating a new character for a game with a ready-made idea of their personality and future: who the main character will date, what job they'll have, perhaps what life they had before and why they now live in one place or another. 


Some people prepare future friends and partners in advance. Others just go with the flow of the game, watching to see who their favorite sim will meet. And so on. And when a character, whether main or secondary, is thought out as a personality, it's always interesting! You can always base their actions on their character and interpret this or that gesture based on the personality of the character. 


For example, if a bold pessimistic character suddenly starts flirting with someone, they clearly aren't afraid to show their intentions and interest, but they probably won't expect reciprocity. And imagine how surprised they'll be if your sim responds with a compliment! 

Developing characters, whether it's your own original characters (OCs) or just your sims, is always interesting. Even if you've already thought everything through in your head and imagined every detail, working on your character in writing can be very beneficial at times. This way, the pieces come together to form a cohesive picture, and your character truly comes to life! There are moments when a created, imagined or drawn character becomes so dear to your heart that you immediately want to discuss them with someone! Talk about their tastes, take a billion screenshots or drawings, just to capture your little creation in all possible variations and poses! 

And sometimes the created hero becomes so close and beloved that you carry them with you through the years. Perhaps slightly improving and adding details over time. 

For me such a character is Kitsune, who is not just an OC, but also the mascot of the channel itself. 


Although her personality is detailed, I must confess that even to this day, I find myself making changes and additions to her story and character. And now I want to share some points that could help you in creating or refining your own main character. After all, I believe that additional discussions and reflections are always very useful and can bring precision to the image, character, and temperament of the hero. 

So, let's start, perhaps, with the most mundane but fundamental points: 

- Gender. 

- Age. 

- Race. 

Of course, we're not limited by any boundaries here. It's all up to your discretion: whether you create a centenarian elf, a newly turned vampire or even a regular human – it's all good! Moving on: 

- Name. 

- Nickname. 

- Short and full form of the name. 

- Its meaning. 

Perhaps in childhood, the hero had a nickname given by their closest friends. Or it could be what their loving grandmother/mother/father used to call them. These moments can be tied into the character's backstory.


If we take, for example, a situation where the hero has a secret name known only to their closest friends, then it's all about imagination. 

Next, I think we should decide on the date of birth. Some people don't use the year, only the day and month. It all depends on how long the character has been alive. If you have a specific era in mind, then of course, you can include the year as well. Again, I'll repeat, there are no limitations! 

With the date, you can also incorporate the zodiac sign. Or you can do it in reverse: if you want to create an ambitious and driven Sagittarius, for example, then based on the zodiac sign, you can come up with the date of birth. 

Now we can work on the character and personality type. A great life hack could be taking a personality test from the perspective of the character and seeing what results come out and how much you agree with them. 

Another brainstorming point is asking questions. This option is also interesting if you have more than one OC. Simply come up with or find online a rather compromising question. For example, about religion, personal relationships, politics etc., and think about how your desired character would react to such a question. Would they answer at all? Would they be confused, or on the contrary, would they express their point of view elaborately? 


Now the test! 

How well do you know your character? Can you answer all fifty questions? 

Let's give it a try. 

1. Is he/she interested in religion? 

2. If yes, which one? 

3. Fashion style. 

4. Are there any peculiarities in appearance? 

5. Are there any health issues? 

6. What/who has influenced his/her character the most? 

7. What temperament? 

8. What personality type? 

9. Are there any taboos? 

10. Favorite food? 

11. Brightest memory? 

12. Romantic preference? 

13. Any plans for the future? 

14. Relationship with oneself? 

15. Main flaw? 

16. Any phobias? 

17. Attitude towards alcohol? 

18. Is he/she easily embarrassed? 

19. Life principles? 

20. Favorite activity (job)? 

21. Weaknesses? 

22. Biggest fear? 

23. What or who does he/she hate the most? 

24. Belief in love? 

25. Did he/she have a pet in childhood? 

26. Relationship with family? 

27. Attitude towards death? 

28. Main hobby (free time)? 

29. What does he/she find absurd? 

30. Personalities that irritate the most? 

31. Any secrets, if yes, what? 

32. Something he/she dislikes about oneself. 

33. Interesting habits? 

34. Does he/she like music? 

35. Secret passion (will never tell)? 

36. Does he/she lie often? 

37. Is the glass half full or half empty? 

38. Capable of betrayal? 

39. Is there a lucky number? 

40. Belief in omens? 

41. Belief in mysticism? 

42. Does he/she like cooking? 

43. Attitude towards theft? 

44. Love or friendship? 

45. Most negative experience in life? 

46. He/she would never... 

47. Favorite quote? 

48. Mood swings frequency? 

49. Is he/she true to his/her word? 

50. Prefers constancy or spontaneity? 

Well, I hope some of these points could help you and your character. Good luck with creating or improving your OC! Hugs :3 


Mashira San: 



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