Storylines for your Sims game

from: TheSimsTree

Often, if you've played out all the storylines planned for your family, the game can hit a dead end. You can search for an interesting challenge, draw inspiration from books or TV shows, or try to find new twists in your sims' lives using the ideas from this article. We were inspired by Whiny Brit's video (below are two of her ideas with our additions) and came up with our own storylines. 

Overcoming the fear of death 

Your heroine experienced a terrible accident in childhood, in which her parents and beloved brother died. After that she was placed in a foster family where she couldn't bond with anyone, her older siblings bullied her, and her parents turned a blind eye. The only thing that kept her going in those conditions were memories of her childhood, her loving family and the wonderful times they had together. 

Unfortunately, the accident left a deep scar not only on her family but also on her psyche. She developed severe post-traumatic stress disorder and a terrible fear of death. She was a survivor, understanding the hardship of those who lost loved ones, and feared the same fate for her own children. She resolved to avoid death at all costs, and the best way to do that was to become a vampire. Luckily, the Vatore family lives nearby... 


Fame and plastic surgery 

Your character has always had low self-esteem and is addicted to Simstagram, which has exacerbated their dislike for their body. They believe that only famous people can be happy, and only those who fit the Simstagram standards become famous. This leads to a difficult life where the sim works hard, saves money for cosmetic procedures and plastic surgeries and unsuccessfully posts photos and reels online, but it doesn't bring them happiness. 

In CAS you can endlessly change your hero's appearance: larger breasts, a Kardashian-like butt, lips, nose... How the Simstagram victim looks is up to you! It's interesting to see if the Sim can become a celebrity... 


Granddaughter with a hippie grandmother 

Our heroine's childhood was perfect. Despite being raised by her grandmother alone, she surrounded her with incredible care and endless fun. The grandmother was unusual: she lived the hippie lifestyle her whole life, often camping on the beach and earning a living with her unconventional and not very popular art. Walks, nature, cool people around – what else does a child need for happiness?! 

Unfortunately, in her teenage years, the sim realizes that such a life cannot be considered prosperous, that in such conditions, she cannot get a good education, choose her dream profession or afford to have children. But the grandmother does not share these values; she is absolutely happy and cannot understand how one could want to live differently. The heroine decides secretly from her grandmother to finish school excellently and obtain a scholarship to university. Set the family on a Off-The-Grid lot and find out if she succeeds. 


Celebrity and introvert 

They met during a vacation on a distant tropical island and immediately realized that they were perfect for each other. It was two amazing weeks of walks, delicious food and the ocean. They both didn't like parties, preferring to just cuddle up and watch TV shows. But when they returned home, the sim suddenly notices that paparazzi are following his girlfriend. It turns out she hid from him that she is a celebrity. 

How about this storyline? We suggest adding the character trait "World Famous" to the sim and boosting her fame to maximum star level. And make the sim an "Loner," "Awkward," with an absolutely introverted lifestyle, a small number of friends and a hatred of paparazzi. And be sure to add common interests and traits to attract each other and be compatible. 

Will they be able to find a compromise and maintain their relationship? Maybe one of them will have to give up their job and dream? Or perhaps they will break up despite their perfect compatibility?  


Teen saves family from ruin 

What if the love of your life dies, and you're left alone with a mortgage, two children and a desire to die? The father of our story's hero decided to lie down on the couch and never get up again, succumbing to the power of his depression and grief. Of course, he can be understood. 

But what about our sim - a teenager without a job, without household skills and with a younger sister to take care of? He loves his family very much and definitely doesn't want to end up in foster care. So he'll have to save the situation. We suggest finding a job for the teenager, maybe he'll discover some profitable talent, like drawing. Come up with the amount of the weekly mortgage payment that you will heartlessly deduct from the family's account. And you'll also have to somehow pull the father out of depression and figure out how his new life will turn out. 



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