Storylines for your Sims game (part 2)

from: TheSimsTree

Some prefer to base the plot on what the game itself suggests, while others enjoy planning every detail in advance. If the game hasn't offered anything interesting, the text below is for you. 

Teenager secretly raising a child 

Sometimes first love brings not only cute dates and new experiences but also significant problems... Unfortunately, your sim wasn't lucky with her partner, and she'll have to deal with an unexpected pregnancy on her own. 

If your teenage heiress is okay with keeping the baby, you can play out this fascinating scenario. First, she'll have to wear oversized clothes to hide the pregnancy. At the same time, we recommend starting to save money for the future – it will definitely come in handy. By the way, learning knitting can be profitable: selling your items is very lucrative. Then, she'll have to give birth somehow without her family noticing (thanks to The Sims, it's not difficult to do). And the most interesting part begins – raising the child secretly from her parents. You can see how Whiny Brit handles this by following the link. And a small idea from us: to occasionally take the child for a walk without fearing to meet someone familiar or parents, you can pretend that your sim has become a nanny. 


Child-vampire in a werewolf family 

We're used to thinking that vampires and werewolves don't get along. And Sims are no exception in this regard. However, many interesting plots can arise from such opposition. For example, a werewolf family adopting a child who turns out to be a vampire. 

As we know, vampire abilities in The Sims manifest only in the teenage years. So, when a desperate werewolf couple adopted a child from the shelter, there were no doubts that it was a regular human. The family dynamics were already far from ideal (perhaps the vampire genes were subconsciously ruining everything), and when the child becomes a teenager and it turns out he's a vampire, the situation becomes even more tense. And then the biological parents suddenly show up. Will the warring parents be able to get along for the sake of the child, and will everyone survive? 


Multiple families 

How to live with a sim who combines affection and loyalty? Divorcing and starting new relationships is too easy for the player and impossible for such a sim. It seems like you'll have to create multiple families in different towns. 

Create a character with suitable personality traits, get them a job that involves constant travel (for example, a detective), and try not to get caught! 


Illegal business of a teenager from a poor family 

Not everyone is fortunate enough to be born into a wealthy, prosperous family, and some teenagers are not willing to accept that fate. Your sim has always been ambitious, dreaming of earning a lot of money, but their single mother couldn't afford to send them to a good school, pay for extracurricular activities or hire tutors. They managed somehow, but after hearing the news of their mother's serious illness, the eldest teenage son had to start providing for the family. 

Because of their character, they didn't stick around at a tough, low-paying barista job and decided to take a risk by starting an illegal business. By installing mods, you can turn your sim into a drug dealer. How their life turns out from here: whether they will escape poverty, go to university and start a regular career, or if they'll want to build a drug empire, depends on how ambitious your character is. 

Romeo and Juliet 

In The Sims, we're used to being friends with our neighbors, keeping an eye on the lives of parallel dynasties in our save files. But sometimes it's more fun to play as the bad guys. We suggest creating two families who will be the founders of your future dynasties and making all members of the families hate each other. Or you can sow discord among the new generations in already established families. The reason for the feud can be very serious (for example, a business scam), or it can be something silly (a neighbor's dog ruined the garden). The main thing is that the animosity should be passed down through the generations. 

And then, after a couple of generations, the children born into feuding dynasties accidentally meet in an anonymous online chat, instantly get along and continue to communicate online. And what will happen when they find out which families our lovers come from? Let's see... 



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