How to make vampires more interesting in The Sims

from: TheSimsTree

The addition of vampires to The Sims 4 was a long-awaited event for many simmers. Finally, there was an opportunity to draw inspiration for the game from a bunch of movies and books. However, as always, the realism - if you can call it that - of Sims vampires falls short. We suggest enhancing your game with some interesting mods so you can not only play out Stoker's Dracula but even The Vampire Diaries :) 

Vampire Initiation Ritual Event by ilkavelle 

Let's start with the basics. What vampire doesn't love adding some pomp, ceremony and a touch of candles to their transformations? If your sim has definitely decided to bid farewell to their mortal life, throw this dark celebration and try not to miss out on the gold-level rewards - they give you a coffin! 


Safe for Vampires Lot Trait by screaming potato 

Sometimes we come up with storylines that can't wait until nightfall. Unfortunately, in The Sims, there are no protective talismans, and vampires don't sparkle in the sunlight - they just burn. For convenience, we suggest adding a special safe lot to your storyline. 

Occult Plumbob Override by fakepikachu 

A convenient feature if your world is populated with various occult characters and it's important for you to distinguish them. Plus, it adds interesting details, of course. 


Infant Default & Non Default Alpha Teeth by krazykrissims and Occult Toddler Quirks by NateTheL0ser 

Not everyone is satisfied that vampire abilities in children only appear in their teenage years. The following two mods partially address this issue. With them, you can change not only the appearance of your little vampires but also add unique traits to their behavior. 

Offer to Feed 

We believe that a dramatic vampire story is incomplete without a mortal lover saving a vampire dying of thirst. To offer blood, you need to have a good relationship with the vampire. 


Bloody Vampire Bites & Wounds by MizoreYukii 

Well, it's clear: more realism for our magical, unreal storylines)) 

Deadly vampires by Sonozaki Sisters

Perhaps you've also been annoyed by having to wait for a character to recover before biting again. With this mod, you won't have to wait. But that's not the most interesting part. It also adds the possibility of dying from blood loss after a bite. You can make your town much darker. 


Magic for Vampires by Zero 

You can level up your vampires and unlock many interesting interactions by giving them the ability to use blood magic. Perhaps your vampires won't be happy about using blood for non-traditional purposes. We suggest installing the mod and finding out :) 

Dhampyrs Extended 

This mod allows you to introduce a virtually new type of occult character into your game. A child of a vampire and a mortal will have to go through a challenging journey to become a full-fledged dhampir. See if your characters can handle it. 


Set Vampire Offspring and Vampiric Bloodlines for Offspring by baniduhaine 

This mod is perfect for expanding dynasty-style gameplay with vampires. Newborn vampires will have pedigrees and innate traits. Additionally, your story can benefit from the ability to add vampires into your bloodline. 


Death by Vampire Thirst by Awwoo56709  

If you want to add a bit of turmoil to your sims' lives, this is a great option. Who needs a thirst meter that doesn't affect anything? Your vampire has exactly one day to save their life. 

Vampires Age Progression by Zero 

For those who find death from thirst too much, there's an option involving aging. If vampires go without blood for a long time, a timer starts, and after a while, their age stage changes. After all, it's strange to stay young and healthy without sustenance... 



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