How to interesting reveal a character on a TheSimsTree card

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Our team is very inspired by the possibilities offered by the character card on our service. You can fit literally everything into it, without exaggeration)) It's so interesting to explore the trees in the gallery and find new ideas. In this article we'll explain how to creatively design a character card, what additional fields to include and what to add to the description. 

Favorite drink, favorite dish, favorite movie, music genre 

We published a post with ideas for additional fields, and in the comment users started sharing their own creations. Some of them we liked so much that we decided to share them in this article as well. 

For example, a great way to get to know your sim is to order their favorite drink at the bar. Sometimes the choice may surprise you)) And to determine their favorite dish, movie and music, you'll have to use your imagination and observe your little character closely. 


Favorite vacation spots 

Just like real people, the style of relaxation and favorite places say a lot about game characters too. What will your sim choose: relaxing on the beach and maximum relaxation, or active recreation in the mountains? Are they interested in museums and tours, or are restaurants and the city's nightlife more important? You can indicate this in the additional fields or tell a detailed story right in the description or diary, supplementing it with atmospheric screenshots. 



You've probably heard about this popular challenge. Creating 50 very different personalities is an interesting and challenging task. If you're taking on this challenge or simply drawing inspiration from archetypes for character descriptions, you can add this to the additional fields in the character card. 

Trait mod Personality Types by InsightBond 

Of course, the choice of traits in The Sims is far from realistic. Therefore, you can use mods to make your sim more multifaceted. You'll get new moodlets, new experiences in the game and a reason to create a new additional field in the card for the personality type)) 


As it turned out in the comments to the same post, many simmers love taking personality tests for their characters. One interesting option is the Enneagram. Even from the image below, you can roughly determine which type your sim belongs to. 


Socionics, zodiac sign, name meaning 

In addition to the Enneagram and the personality types mod, you can also find out your sim's socionics type or take a zodiac sign test and install a special mod to add the zodiac trait. 

Another great idea is to either choose a character's name based on its meaning from the start or find out the name's meaning afterward. This might reveal a new aspect of your sim and inspire new ideas for playing with them :) 


Now let's move on to items that are perfect for the "Description" section or for a Diary. 

Music in the description 

We think it's a great idea to come up with a soundtrack for your character. In movies and TV shows, it plays a huge role and can be useful in your sim's story too. What is your heir like? Cheerful and outgoing, the life of the party, or are they thoughtful and distant? Perhaps something bad is happening in their life right now, and they are endlessly angry at the world. Think about which song you associate with your character's personality or even a specific stage in their life, and attach a link to a streaming service or a YouTube video URL so others can feel the same way. 

We found this wonderful idea in the Lancaster family tree


Quote as an epigraph to the story 

If you have favorite writers or if you were inspired by movie characters for your game, this idea is definitely for you. We suggest recalling a striking phrase that describes your sim or your feelings towards them. Place it before the character description or at the beginning of a diary page. Of course, you can also come up with your own epigraph — after all, we are here for creativity :) 

Thanks for the idea goes to the Franco dynasty tree


Dreams, and whether they came true 

Our little sims live their entire lives thanks to us, our ideas and our time :) What is life without dreams? Surely, even when your sim is a child, you think about what passion might ignite them. For example, if the family struggles with money, the sim might dream of having a luxurious vacation at a resort. Write about this and don't forget to mention whether they achieved it. 

List of friends and enemies, first love 

Another great idea suggested by users in the post. Why not highlight the important people in your character's life? A list of friends, enemies and a mention of their first love can evoke a lot of nostalgia. 

Funny moments from childhood 

These kinds of lists are just adorable. When you come across such descriptions in the Sims gallery, it's impossible not to read them and smile. 

One of these delightful lists was spotted in the Franco dynasty tree


Download link for the sim 

Lastly, what we'd like to suggest adding to the description is a download link for the sim, if you wish to share your creation. It seems the most common comment in the gallery under family trees often revolves around the beauty of dynasty members :) 



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