Holiday ideas for The Sims family (NO CC)

from: TheSimsTree

Sometimes it's difficult to come up with activities to keep your characters' lives from becoming a constant routine, especially when the events offered by the developers and generated by the game become rather repetitive. 

My name is Kate, I share my creations under the nickname redkate and today I'm offering you 15 holiday ideas to spice up the weekdays of your sims. These holidays don't require mods, just in-game features and a bit of your imagination :) 


After a long winter, nature comes alive, and it's time for your sims to perk up. Celebrate "Day of jokes" by playing harmless (or not so harmless) pranks on friends and sharing funny stories. Is your character the life of the party or a cunning prankster? Or perhaps they're cringeworthy, and their jokes evoke a sense of secondhand embarrassment? 

Be sure to mark the Flower Festival. Let the little ones hunt for colorful Easter eggs hidden by the floral bunny in various places, then squeal with joy when they find him. And for adult sims it's a chance to remember their garden, bring out pots and seeds and start seedlings. 

How will your sim spend Day of love: with their significant other or with a bucket of chocolate ice cream in front of the TV watching a romantic comedy? 

Spring swimming is a holiday for the bravest. Is your character a fearless teenager who jumps into the cold water for fun and admiration from peers (or perhaps for a bet)? Or are they an adult simply toughening up? In any case, don't forget to warm your sim by the fire or give them a warm drink after swimming to prevent hypothermia. 


Summer is the time for real parties! 

Be sure to set aside a day for a family celebration. Gather your relatives, set the table and let your sims socialize and share stories about what's happening in their lives. With work and constant chores, it's so difficult for everyone to gather together, so this is a great opportunity to get closer and strengthen family ties. 

When the gathering is over, you can meet up with friends. Have a barbecue day with delicious grilled dishes in your backyard or gather by the pool (if you don't have one on your lot, you can go to the city's public pool), hang out, enjoy the sun, and the long-awaited warmth! 

And what summer would be complete without a championship in your favorite sport? Settle in with friends in front of the screens, cheer for your favorite team. Just be careful with the fizzy drinks and fans of the opposing team, so it doesn't escalate into a major brawl. 


In the fall you crave more coziness. But sometimes the party spirit doesn't let go right away. If your sims haven't had a chance to have fun over the summer, throw a "Spooky holiday" with gusto – let your home be adorned with the biggest pumpkins and brightest lanterns, spooky music playing, scary stories being told and even the introverted neighbor will envy the costumes at the party. 

Have a day/evening of games with friends. Whether it's a favorite board game, puzzles, chess or a team game on a console, it can be anything. 

And, of course, celebrate Thanksgiving with your family: dinner with turkey, the ability to appreciate what you have and gratitude for it to your loved ones will leave very warm feelings in the hearts of your sims. 


Outside the first snow is falling. Are you already in the mood to listen to Christmas music, sit by the fireplace, and read "The Lord of the Swings"? It's time to put away all the autumn decor because it's time for garlands and winter postcards! Dress up a beautiful Christmas tree and light it up to get into the festive spirit. 

Before New Year's always comes Christmas (you can celebrate "Winter Holiday" instead, "Winter Festival", or "Winter Day"). A delicious dinner, a cozy Christmas tree, a mountain of presents: make this day a holiday and let it be truly magical. Perhaps you'll even add the tradition of "Santa Claus" if there are children in the family? Believe me, they will be thrilled! 

New Year's Eve is everyone's favorite holiday. It doesn't matter how your characters celebrate it, whether in a family circle or at a noisy friendly party, this day should be memorable for everyone. The main thing is to make the right wishes in time and catch the countdown to midnight on TV. 

After a series of holidays, it's time to get back in shape. Overeating to the point of a food coma, lazy days on the couch, it's all behind us now. Make sure your characters have packed away the Christmas decorations in boxes in the attic or basement and shed all those extra calories: spring is ahead!  

Love, kisses and hugs! 

Yours redkate ♡ 







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