The Sims 4: Furnish your home without using build&buy

from: TheSimsTree

We know that making money in The Sims is absolutely not a problem. And of course, it's easy to switch to build mode and decorate the house to your liking. But there's a more interesting option! Let's figure out together how to furnish an empty dwelling without buying anything in build mode. This can be a great challenge for one of the generations in your legacy family.  


If your sim has zero simoleons and needs money urgently, where will they go first? Of course, fishing. But fishing is not only a good way to earn initial capital, but also an opportunity to catch something useful for the house along with the fish. For practical sims, collectors, and treasure hunters, the chance to catch valuable items for the home is much higher. 



Another fairly obvious way to furnish a house without entering build mode is to send your sim to dive in the dumpster. They're sure to find something useful. Once the dumpster is emptied, you can toss in the dishes stashed in the inventory and continue searching for furniture. However, as experience shows, plumbing fixtures are not commonly found in dumpsters, so let's move on to the next point. 


Woodworking table 

There's probably a woodworking table in your town. At some kind of community center, for example. If not, nothing prevents you from adding it to the save... With the help of the table you can create chairs, musical instruments, mirrors, other home decorations and most importantly – everything you need for the bathroom. 


Stores, flea markets, vending machines 

Of course, you can forbid your Sim from buying interior items not only in build mode but also in stores, markets, and vending machines. But they would greatly facilitate your search. Plus vending machines can provide you with food until you find a refrigerator for the house. 


Now let's move on to the most interesting options. If you decide to make your character a spellcaster, many new possibilities for interior decoration will open up for them. With the help of spells, you can duplicate any item. For example, this will be useful if you find or buy a cute chair, armchair or kitchen cabinet. Spellcasters can repair found items without spending extra money. But even more useful could be the spell for stealing anything, provided your sim is skilled enough. 



Perhaps the trait "Kleptomaniac" is the most essential in such challenges. After all, you can steal any item from wealthy neighbors. There's no need to settle for what you find at the market or in the trash, you can choose something truly beautiful, even think about the style of your home. 



Achievements in your career is also a good option for acquiring interior items. But it's a very time-consuming process. This method can be used to update and improve items you've already found.  

There are many videos on decorating a home without using the build mode, and typically bloggers set themselves a clear deadline for finding items, then furnish their homes using EVERYTHING they've found. The result often looks quite absurd and amusing. As an example, you can watch this video

Instead, we suggest selecting only the necessary items from everything you find, selling the rest at a garage sale, for instance. Gradually search for new items, steal, buy from stores and turn it into your character's hobby. If eventually you manage to decorate your home nicely, it will be a significant achievement for you and your sim! 



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