5 unusual business ideas for The Sims

from: TheSimsTree

The Sims is not only about in-game interactions between characters, relationship dramas and raising children. A significant part of the enjoyment from the game comes from achieving success in careers with your sims, especially in business, as it's always unpredictable and engaging. If you've already achieved everything in the basic careers and business, here are some ideas for you. 

WooHoo motel 

Surely, your sims have a very eventful life. And for some it's time to create a safe WooHoo space, where they can also make some good money. Young characters living with their parents, adult couples who want to escape from children and relax, sims who decide to cheat... All of them will appreciate your unconventional business. Build or search for a motel in the Gallery, change the lot type to "Rental", and get inspired by the design in the video at the link


Trailer park 

A highly realistic mod with a plenty of new and intriguing interactions. Ideal for entrepreneurial sims with good business acumen. Plus, you can engage in a lot of socializing with various people, extroverts will love it. Assign your character the trait "Trailer Park Manager", purchase a ready-made lot or build your own, and enjoy your new business venture. Details can be found at the link


Pet hotel / Doggie daycare 

Can you imagine a more exciting business for animal lovers? If your sim has this trait, be sure to install the mod and buy them a pet hotel for dogs. Find out more about installation at the link


Elderly consulting 

Surely you're familiar with the "Golden years" mod by adeepindigo, as it offers an incredible range of possibilities for playing elderly characters. One of these possibilities could be a lucrative business: elderly sims can engage in consulting. If your retiree has nothing else to do, they can dedicate plenty of time to consultations and earn quite well. Check out the link for more details. 


Entry fee lot 

Lastly, let's talk about the laziest way to make money. This is suitable for sims who have accumulated a lot of money over their lifetime and decided to invest it somewhere. For example, this would be a good passive income for retirees. Using the mod, assign the required trait to the lot and earn money for visitors to your business lot. 



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