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Create unique family stories, track the development of your characters, and pass on your unforgettable moments from generation to generation. Start building your own world with us and leave a mark in history!

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What tools are available in our service?

We are constantly working on the service and adding new tools and features.


Create unique dynastic trees for your family stories. Track the development of your characters and preserve their legacy in fascinating sagas.


Bring your ideas to life with a variety of customization tools for trees. Choose colors, fonts, and backgrounds to make your story unique.

Photo Editor

Choose your own style and atmosphere with the photo editor. Edit the photos of your characters and trees to highlight their character and mood.


Store photos of your characters and their adventures in the gallery. Create memories and share them with other users.


Import a tree to save your family history. If you already have a family tree from another source, you can easily transfer it to our site.


Publish your dynasties in the gallery and share them with the community. Let others see your creative work and get inspiration from the stories of other participants.

Williams Family

Get to know our interactive family tree, we have saved this story for you so that you can be inspired and create your own!

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Always at Hand
on Any Device

The service is fully adapted for mobile phones, making it convenient and accessible for use anytime and anywhere. You can easily create and edit the trees of your dynasties, view character cards, and share your stories using a handy mobile interface.

No matter where you are, your family history is always at hand!

Expand Your Possibilities

Available by subscription starting from $2.0/month.

  • Create an unlimited number of trees
  • Import trees from the Plum Tree App
  • Tree styling
  • Photo gallery for each character and tree
  • Use photo editor and other additional features for the creative process
  • Public tree gallery
  • Upload your own background for the tree
  • And much more, as the functionality is constantly expanding

Free Access

everything you need is here

  • Create a full-fledged family tree
  • No restrictions on characters and generations
  • Displaying pets on the tree
  • Sim parent feature
  • Line of heirs
  • Choose from the provided backgrounds
  • Add customized fields to the character and tree card
  • Ability to share the tree via link
  • Likes and comments on your tree
  • Full-fledged photo editor for avatars

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