How to spice up your Sims game without mods

from: TheSimsTree

Hello, Oksia here! In this article I would like to share ideas for playing without mods. In my legacy family I hardly use scripted mods, and believe me, it can still be interesting without them! 

1. Gender Party 

What could be better than anticipating the new generation of your family? Of course, celebrating this event! Decorate the lot with blue and pink balloons, set up a confetti cannon, buy a huge cake from wedding stories, invite friends, relatives, and throw a gender party! Let the future parents cut the cake during the party and find out the gender of their baby. Of course, the Sims won't tell you the answer, so it will be their secret until birth, but you'll still enjoy the celebration! 


2. Airport 

Airplane flights have a special atmosphere, but not for sims, their mode of transportation is the loading screen. Let's build an airport! You can include a waiting lounge, duty-free shops, a food court, a VIP lounge and a runway. In my "SimCity" airport, there's not only a commercial plane but also a private jet for wealthy sims, as well as a helicopter for romantic dates. Try to spice up your travels and send your sims flying! 


3. Summer Camp 

Not sure how to spend the holidays with your little sim kids? Send them to summer camp! Build a campsite (lot type: vacation rental), hire counselors in town, transport a few kids there, and then send them off to experience new adventures! 


4. Illegal Earnings... 

In The Sims 4 you can't really indulge in illegal business without mods... or can you? In Strangerville a horrifying mother plant blooms, and by consuming its fruits one can get infected, but some sims are willing to pay a lot os simoleons for new sensations. Plant its fruits in your own place and start making the forbidden brew. Create a police club and specify the meeting place where you'll go to trade yourself. Use a street vending table and set the highest markup. Just don't get caught by the cops, interacting with them will be considered as an arrest! 


5. Open Elementary School 

Are you also annoyed that children aren't gaining skills at school, hardly know their classmates, have few extracurricular activities, and, most importantly, all of this happens in a rabbit hole? It's time to build your own elementary school, create teachers, clubs, and activities, add classmates, and embark on a journey of learning! On days when you want to visit the open school, just mark it as a holiday on the calendar with the option "school/work outing." Then your Sims won't go to the rabbit hole, and you can go guilt-free to the open elementary school. 


6. Funerals 

As sad as it may be, Sims eventually leave us. It's worth giving them a worthy send-off, giving the living the opportunity to experience this sorrow and bid farewell to the departed. In my save, there is a large cemetery with a church where Sims hold funerals, memorial services, and sometimes come with flowers to the graves of departed loved ones. 


7. Open-Air Paid Cinema 

It's movie time! Build a cinema (lot type: retail), place prepared popcorn and, for example, business cards (decor from the "Dine Out" game pack) on the lot – they will serve as our tickets. Put the above items up for sale. Now, when your sims come to the cinema, each one will have to buy a ticket, and there will also be an opportunity to purchase ready-made popcorn. 


Thank you for reading! 






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