5 tips that will help reveal your Sims character from a different side

from: TheSimsTree

Sul-sul! Have you ever encountered a situation where you didn't know what to do with your sim? Which career to choose for your character, what hobbies to give them and ultimately, where to even find the desire to play? 

My name is Nastya, and I've managed to pick up 5 tips from my gameplay for you that will help you get to know your character a little better. 

Firstly, I want to say that often the desire to play disappears due to a lack of interest in your sim. Usually this period begins when they grow up (sound familiar?) 

And one way to regain the desire to play is to look at your pixelated little person differently. This way, you can get to know them better, start to understand them even in negative situations and perhaps even write a storyline, which is very relevant for those who publicly lead a dynasty. 

So, how can you look at your sims from a different perspective? 

1. Do something you've never done before 

What always stokes interest? That's right, the unknown. 

Maybe you've always wanted to take on a challenge or, for example, travel to Strangerville... In any case, to realize your ideas, you'll need a sim to play with. You can create a new one, or you can take your heir, why not :) And, by playing (taking on the challenge), you'll get to know your sim from new, unfamiliar sides. 


For example, you've decided to play through the Strangerville storyline. What kind of sim do you need (so they don't fall victim to the mother plant...)? Correct: willful and brave, friendly and fearless! 

Based solely (!) on these qualities, we get an additional persona – a rough-and-tumble extrovert who will step over anyone to achieve their goal. A bit of a choleric, but will stand up for a sim in need of help. 

Of course, this is just my vision, but you can come up with something completely different! 

2. Parental influence 

Parents have always influenced their children, whether the kids are just toddlers or a bit older. Watching the closest people, you involuntarily start to imitate them, trying to behave in the same way. In any case, heredity has not been canceled. 

Try to take a closer look at your sim's parents, try to notice their habits, lifestyle and so on. Then it's up to you to choose what you would endow your little sim with. 

For example, let's say a parent is active and eats only healthy food. The child, observing this, starts to eat the same – adopting a lifestyle of "passion for healthy eating" (or perhaps we have a rebel growing up who will only eat chips – "passion for fast food", accordingly). 


By the way, don't forget about lifestyles and develop them for your sims. It makes the game much more interesting. 

3. Teenagers' character strengths and weaknesses 

Okay, teenagers have only 2 character traits, but there are also merits – an important boost. By adding them to your sim's "collection" of traits you will reveal even more about them in the future. 

For example, I want my heiress Annel to be very sensitive and vulnerable. Therefore, she needs the trait "uncontrollable emotions". I am currently developing this trait for her. 


To learn how to develop them, you can read by hovering the cursor over each trait.  


It's accurate to say that acquiring any particular trait will influence your sim's behavior accordingly. For instance, if your sim has the 'Uncontrollable emotions' trait, they might suddenly throw a tantrum when in a bad mood, and you won't be able to cancel this action. 

4. Life goals 

Do you often find yourself choosing an easy life goal just to pick something?  The situation here is similar to character traits, but life goals are not only present during teenage years but throughout the entire life. 

Goals such as "Renaissance sim" or "Fabulously wealthy" literally describe your character. By completing tasks to achieve these life goals, your sim will clearly be fulfilled, improve and reveal themselves to you in new ways. 

And a pleasant bonus for completing all stages will be another character trait. 

5. Press play 

It's not my advice, but it's so good! 

In general, yes, just take the game off pause, trying to fully think through your character. Maybe they'll go be rude to someone, and you'll get a suggestion to add the "Mean" trait to them. Or maybe they'll start singing, enjoy it, and you'll be offered to accept a new hobby for your little person! Who knows, The Sims is so random. 


So, my heir once went to trim this little bush that was placed for decoration. Now for me, Olive is a wise and slightly stuffy uncle who loves to quietly trim bonsai while contemplating life :)  

Well, now off to play The Sims! 






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